What Can Nelson Mandela Teach You about Unstoppable Confidence

Nelson Mandela on Day After Release

Being an introvert, shy and fearful were some personality characteristics Nelson Mandela did not embrace.A man whose oppressors tried to take away his liberty and as a result lived with limited freedom in a 8 x 7 foot cell for 27 years. He emerged from incarceration to liberation.

Suffice to say Nelson Mandela embraced Unstoppable Confidence. He held on to his vision, his dreams and his passion and fought for what he believed.

This is one of the hardest things to do when you are faced with indignation and when it seems all else has failed.

Most people give up when they face disappointments and base their future on their current circumstances.

Being introverted to the point of not standing up for yourself, lacking in confidence to move forward towards creating the life you want are all limitations to your success.

I know this because I fought with these same limitations for many years, until I decided heck, enough is enough’. {Read More}

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Soul Stirrings

Soul Stirrings

‘If you want to accomplish the goals in your life you have to begin with the Spirit’ Oprah Winfrey

The beginning of the year, even Spring is as good  time as any for reflection and reviewing things about your life that you may want to improve or even change.

It’s not really about looking back and having regrets, it’s about coming into awareness and activating your soul purpose and embracing the deepest desires of your heart. The many different ideas that have been nudging you time and time again but you somehow just quietly ignore or dismiss.

You know? Ideas like taking charge of your life in a much bigger way!

Like changing or improving your career,  starting a new job or your own business, or maybe ending a relationship which does not serve you or even improving your finances, whatever the situation maybe; but somehow you just keep putting these things off or don’t really follow through with making these changes fully.

Sounds familiar? Well you’re not alone.

Some people may describe these nudges as being at ‘crossroads’, others may call this mid-life crisis, I choose to refer to these as Soul Stirrings.

You see the soul has a deep and very important part to play in your life and it’s only when you become aware of these nudges and embrace this awareness , that you start to pay attention to this quiet but determined force within you.

So what do you do about these nudges? These Soul Stirrings? {Read More}

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The Value of Creating A Life Plan

Lifestyle choices.

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. ~ Jim Rohn

Great quote right? I thought so too! I’m a firm believer in the value of creating a life plan or in coaching terms creating your Wheel of Life plan.

{Read More}

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Mastering the Art of Great Communication

Mastering the Art of Great Communication

Have you ever wondered why sometimes getting your point across when you communicate with others can be misinterpreted or misunderstood?

I never thought of myself as being a great communicator but had to quickly learn how to do this especially when attending meetings in previous jobs and when holding  Workshops; and I am still learning.

Great communication can be mastered with practice, practice, practice whilst learning new and different techniques. {Read More}

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You Are Never Too “Old” To Go for Your Dreams

thomas Suarez

Transitioning from one career to another requires planning, setting realistic achievable goals, determination and inspiration.

I will also suggest, it requires a great deal of faith, belief and the will to win.

Some people may make excuses and say “‘I’m too old to start this business idea” or I’m too old to change career” but let me encourage you to live your dreams inspite of your age as you are never too ‘old’ or too ‘young’ to step into the ‘space’ to achieve your dreams. {Read More}

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